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School Fee: Dear parents, School accept all kind of cashless transactions for fee submission.      PARIKSHA PE CHARCHA 2.0: HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER WILL ADDRESS STUDENTS ON 29TH JAN 2019 AT 11AM REGARDING EXAMINATION. THE PROGRAMME WILL BE SHOWN LIVE AT SCHOOL.      Exam Time: Dear parents, Pre Mid Term Exam of the session 2019-20 will start on 23 July.     

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Mid-Term Date Sheet(2017-18)
Syllabus (2017-18)


To inspire the children to become self reliant individuals dedicated to the upliftment of the society and to imbibe the qualities of diligence, hard work, faithfulness, justice, honesty and truthfulness so as to transcend to worthy citizens of the nation.


Divine International School Endeavors to impart quality and value based education in the best possible way in tune with the global standards to cater to the needs of our nation in general and society in particular. The institution believes in विद्या ददाति विनयम् which means education encourages inquisitiveness and perseverance. Keeping this burning desire for acquisition of knowledge through education we emphasize on all round development of the student so as to enable him to undertake bigger challenges and responsibilities at functional levels. Eternally learning and excelling with the belief that the best way to satisfy our student’s aspirations is to help them face future challenges and to prove an asset for the society.